Create a new Chatbot


The admin user who is assigned a role of a bot creator should be familiar with Node.js Development paradigms.

To Create a new Bot:

1.   Login to the Automation Studio.

2.   The automation Workspace opens. At the upper right corner of the screen click Create a Bot > 

3.   The Create a new bot modal window opens. Provide the basic information to get you started on bot creation.

Name of your bot
Provide a descriptive name of a bot that will be displayed to the visitors of the hosting application.
Your bot ID
The bot ID is automatically generated based on the name you provided in the field above; nonetheless, it can be change to another unique value consisting of letters and numbers. NOTE: Once saved, this value cannot be changed.
Bot Template
Select one of the templates to start creating your custom bot: Welcome Bot, Small Talk, or an Empty Bot if you choose to start creating your bot from scratch. Welcome Bot an Small Talk Bots have a short inbuilt 

4. Click Create Bot at the bottom of the modal window.

The created Bot typically starts by greeting an end user and drawing them into an engaging conversation and providing response options that serve as triggers for unfolding various conversation scenarios. Well though through conversation may reach any complexity level and help end users in multiple ways: get quick reference or a link to required information, get guidance on specific processes, automate mundane tasks, etc.

Apty Bot leads the conversation, which implies reactive behaviour from the end users: Apty Bot asks them questions with the aim of saving answers for completing specific tasks, offers users a choice of options that may define the further course of conversation, makes system API calls when passing user answers to the system, and returns blocks of information that may be useful for completing related assignments. Apty Bot answers frequently asked questions and helps avoiding frequently made mistakes by being there for your end user. 

Apty Customer Success team will help you create Chat Bots that lead helpful conversations of any difficulty and serve as virtual assistants for your employees and end users. 

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