What is Apty Automation and how it is helpful

Utilize Apty Automation to simplify even the most complicated processes in your application. Remove the burden of completing mundane tasks with the help of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Automation enables your users to do more in less time and significantly increases the productivity of your software. 

Apty Automation is a tool that consists of 2 components:

Automation Studio serves as an Automation Admin console where bots are created and managed. It is a playground for creating intelligent assistants that are going to be instantly ready to help day and night and are capable of guiding end users through complicated processes. Automation Studio is a place where Admins create and "teach" bots to lead a conversation, offer context sensitive help references, make API calls to product pages, ask questions, react to keywords user's responses by detecting certain keywords, and fill out submit forms for a user in the form of an engaging conversation.

To learn how to use Automation Studio and create a new Bot, refer to this article.

Automation Client is essentially a tool that launches an Apty bot and once installed and activated it is displayed at the right bottom corner of the screen of the hosting application. The engine of a bot is directed by the conversation scenarios predefined at the Automation Studio by the Admin User, it is wired to provide context sensitive references to users to speed up their work, automate tasks by including API calls and converting complicated tasks into engaging conversations.

The example of an Apty Bot in use is shown on the screen below. For more details on functionality of Chatbots, refer to this article.

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