Apty Gazer Overview

Apty Gazer is one of the components of the Apty Insights behavioral analytics suite. Behavioral data is collected on the event-based level and represents any action performed by the user while interacting with the system (navigating through the site, clicking buttons, selecting options with radio buttons or drop-down lists, entering data into input fields, etc.).  

NOTE: Apty Gazer captures strictly user event data during active sessions, it does not collect any user provided information, meaning Apty Insights does not collected, accept, handle, process, receive, transmit any confidential, regulated, personal, private, sensitive, health  or credit card information.

General Overview of Apty Insights operation:

Apty Lens

This tool is used to define the expected action pattern required to perform some Activity within the hosting application.

Apty Lens Overview

Apty Gazer

Tracks the behaviour of an end user when performing the Activity.

NOTE: No user sensitive data is captured by Apty Insights.

Details covered in this article.

Apty Insights Admin

Apty compares user behavior with the expected action pattern defined via Apty Lens and analyses the application usage to help building effective strategies of system resource expenditure.

Apty Insights Overview

How Apty Gazer Works:

Once the Admin user has created the activity that serves as a model of expected behaviour of an end user, Apty Gazer starts to collect information on user's actual behaviour. Apty Gazer is a browser extension installed on the machine of an end user. The only function it is responsible for is waiting for user interaction with system elements (for example, clicking buttons, selecting options, etc.) and recording the order of taken actions. 

The following is information collected by Apty Gazer: 


These events occur when a user clicks a mouse in an attempt to interact with an element of a hosting application (button, field, etc.). 


The events when a user changes the value of "input", "select", and "textarea" elements (for example, selects the value from the drop-down list or selects a radio button that defines the choice amongst other alternatives, types some text in the text area, etc.). NOTE: Apty Gazer does not collect the content provided by the user in the input field or selection made but rather the fact that the action of that kind has been performed with respect to a specific system element.


When an end user drags an object and moves it to another location.

Form submissions

These events occur when a user fills out the collection of fields (or defines choices in the combination of input fields, drop-down lists, check boxes, etc.) and clicks a button that sends this information to the server of the hosting application. For example, when a user fills out the contact form imitating the email page (with "Email Address", "Subject", and "Text" field) and clicks Send, this action is treated as form submission. Although the information is passed to the server of the hosting application, Apty Gazer only captures the fact that the form submission took place and does not retrieve any other information related to the content of the form provided by an end user.


Apty Gazer keeps track of the system errors occurring over the course user interacting with a hosting web application.

Cancelled actions 

An event when a user cancels the action.

All the collected information is passed to the Apty Insights server for further analysis of user behaviour and comparison of actions taken as opposed to the expected user behavior.

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