Installing Apty Gazer

Apty Gazer is a browser extension. There are two ways Admin users can install Apty Gazer browser extension on the machine of end users:

To install Apty Gazer from the Chrome store:

1.   Visit the Apty Gazer details page available in the official Chrome Web Store.

2.   On the right side of the screen click Add to Chrome. NOTE: You may be prompted to sign up to the Google account if you are not logged in.

3.  The alert window requiring action confirmation is displayed at the top of the screen. Click Add Extension to confirm installation.

4.   Once Apty Gazer is installed as an extension, the Add to Chrome button changes to Added to Chrome defining the completed action and the Gazer icon is displayed at the top right corner of the browser.

To install Apty Gazer from the Insights Admin:

1.   Login to the Apty Insights Admin.

2.   Go to Admin > Account Settings.

3.   In the Account Settings page access the Downloads tab.

4.   Find the Apty Gazer section and select a link to the browser you are working with. Apty Gazer supports major modern browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

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