What is a Segment and how is it helpful?

Segmentation is a practice of assigning users to specific groups based on characteristics they share, such as role, department, division, etc.

This technique allows providing unique experience to different user groups; for example, as different teams have different range of activities and responsibilities, their Workflows may vary as well. Segmentation feature allows to make sure that the end users only have access to the instructional materials that help them perform better, as opposed to all the training material created for this web page / platform. 

The logic of segmentation and scoping access to training materials is determined by the elements on the screen of the hosting application.

It is one of the important features that allows to categorize the users and show content specific to a user group.This allows the user to focus on available tasks and reduce the amount of content available in the player widget. Segments can be created from the admin and Items can be assigned to segments based on the requirement. If no segment gets connected all the items will appear.

Apty provides integration with third party applications like Salesforce, Workday, CA PPM, etc. This allows using application data (for example, user attributes like 'division',  'role' or custom ones) for segmenting content in Apty; meaning, a user with specific attributes may be shown content assigned specifically for them. For more details contact our customer support team.

Useful Scenarios

Segmentation use cases include the following:

  • Shoot an enhancement or change only to the relevant audience.
  • Encourage end-users who haven’t yet updated your web-app to do so.

For more instructions on Managing User Segments refer to:

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