Best Practices: Use Cases for Different Guidance Types

The key components of Apty application are the elements that can be seamlessly integrated into any web based application using the Editor tool:

  • Workflows
  • Validations
  • Launchers
  • Tooltips
  • Announcements

The following article describes use cases and best practices for adding each of the instruction elements within your application.


Workflows consist of step-by-step instructions that guide a user within the application to accomplish a specific goal. Steps content may vary from simple one-line hints (for example, "Enter username") to a more sophisticated instructions that may combine text, hyperlinks and images depending on the complexity of the task. 

Workflows are context related and are only offered within the application location they are related to.

When to Use

Workflows are recommended when a user is expected to follow an unfamiliar sequential process (inexperienced user or a rarely used process).

For more details refer to: Creating Workflows


Validations provide a way to test user input and ensure that the data provided by the user is clean, correct, and useful. Validation scope may be as simple as checking whether the field is empty, or provide complex checks including powerful regular expressions and custom validations.

When to Use

Validations are recommended when a user is expected to follow an unfamiliar sequential process (inexperienced user or a rarely used process).

For more details refer to: Creating Validations


Launchers are actionable icons/buttons that provide access to a specific action within one click. The stated action can be represented as one of the following:

  • launching a workflow,
  • playing a video, or
  • navigating to a defined link.

When to Use

Use launchers when you identify a common action (on a specific page) that may not be easily accessible as it may be hidden among other available options.

For more details refer to: Creating Launchers


Tooltip icons are displayed upon mouse hover over the icon tied to a specific element of the underlying application. Tooltip can contain a combination of text, hyperlinks, and images.

When to Use

Tooltips are optimal for users who may need additional information on demand for some of the more complex elements.

For more details refer to:  Creating Tooltips


Announcements are custom pop-ups designed to announce any new feature, version release or to provide information to the end users. An Announcement can be built with Custom buttons that can launch a Workflow, Video or a Document and can be displayed with respect to the following conditions: specific time frame, presents of certain elements on the page of the hosting application, label or field comparison, and other criteria that can specified in the custom script.

When to Use

Announcements are useful to inform all application users or a certain segment of users on the changes / updates, reminders. The common use cases for announcements are:
  • Inform users of upcoming features,
  • Inform users about the expected maintenance and downtime of the application,
  • Promote new Software practices, events or services,
  • Remind expiration of licenses of the application, etc.

For more details refer to: Creating Announcements

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