Apty Widget Installation Modes (Extension vs Injected Mode)

The Apty Widget (formerly known as the Player) is a widget that interacts with the hosting application and overlays instructional materials (Workflows, Tooltips, Announcements, etc.) over its surface. This component can be installed on the hosting application in one of the following ways:

  • as a browser extension, or 
  • as code snippet added directly to the hosting application.

The following article provides a general overview of each method, recommended use cases, and basic installation instructions.

Browser Extension
The Apty team supports installation packages for the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

This implementation model is applicable when an organization adds instructional elements to third-party applications, such as Salesforce, Workday, etc. In this case, organization has no access to the source code of the hosting application and all Apty elements are added to the web app by injecting the JavaScript code through the browser window and do not interact with the application's elements directly.

When to use:

  • When the instructional elements are added to the third-party application.
  • May require more support from the customer success team.

To install an extension, go to Apty Admin > System Settings > Downloads and select the extension package for the respective browser.
For more details refer to:
Code Snippet

This method is NOT applicable when instructional content is added to the third-party application; for example, when creating instructional material for Salesforce, only the browser extension method is applicable. Alternatively, Apty Widget can be installed globally for all end users in a couple of simple steps by the owner of a hosting application (and its source code). In this case, Apty Client is seamlessly embedded into the functionality of the hosting application and can be accessed from the browser window without the need to install additional software.

When to use:

  • You are an owner of the hosting application (and its source code).
  • To bypass browser extension installation  for each end user.
  • To avoid keeping track of Apty updates.

To get a code snippet and for assistance with installing the Apty Widget by adding a JavaScript code to your hosting application, contact your Customer Success Manager.

For more details refer to:

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