Mass Distribution for Mozilla Firefox

Apty Assist Extensions can be distributed using Group Policy Management in server Manager. IT Administrators can set group policies to install Apty Assist extensions on their corporate-managed computers.


Please make sure that the Firefox xpi package is placed on the server and is sharable across the network to make it accessible by respective users and computers. Please note the network sharable location of xpi package.
Note: The Firefox xpi package will be provisioned by Apty CS team

Install Extension

Here are the steps to be followed to push Apty Assist add on to users or computers through Group Policy Management:

1.   Login to Windows 2012 Server as Administrator.

2.   Open Server Manager, Click on Tools and then Click on Group Policy Management.

3.   In Group Policy Management:

         - Expand Forest

         - In Forest, Expand Domains and choose the desired Domain name

            Note: According to the requirement, respective Organization unit can be selected in place of domain name.

         - Click on Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here

4.   Provide a name to GPO and Click on OK

5.  The created GPO gets added to the list under domains/Org. units accordingly. Once the GPO is added, right click on the GPO Name and Click on Edit.

6.   Navigate to following path: User Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Registry

7. Right click on the Registry and select a new Registry Item.

8.  Set the values in Registry Item as below and provide the appropriate Value name and Value data in the fields.

9.   Click on Apply and then OK.

10.   Run gpupdate to refresh the defined Group Policy.

Enable Apty add-on

1.   Launch Mozilla Firefox browser. The following message is to be displayed: “Apty Player is added”.

2.   Click on the notification to enable the add-on.

3.   Click Enable.

Verification Process

Open the respective application and Apty Assist Client extension should appear.

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