Installing letzNav Free Editor

  1. Download the free version of the Apty Assist Studio
  2. Install the the Apty Assist Studio with the downloaded installer.
  3. Re-start your Chrome browser.
  4. If you are on Windows:
    • Look for the exclamation icon on the Chrome Toolbar and click on it
    • Click on “New Extension Added”
    • Click on “Enable Extension"
  5. Navigate to the application that you want to build Apty tools for, and Look for the Editor's icon on the side of any visited website and click on it.
  6. Log in with your email address and the password provided during registration.
  7. Start using Apty Assist!

Can't see the Free Editor Extension after install? On Windows, if after following the steps above you still cannot see lApty Apty Assist Studio, it may be because you had previously installed and subsequently removed the extension in the past. This is because Chrome disables further installations of removed extensions that were originally added with an installer. In such case, you can perform the following steps (Advanced Users only)

  1. Open the ‘Secure Preferences' file in: "C:\users\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default".
  2. This is a JSON file. Look for extension id “mfginfjmghngicgddlophpooodakcion”. Change the value of its ‘state' property from 2 to 1.
  3. Re-Install the extension.

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