Change Status of a Workflow

Status of a Workflow indicates if the creation of this Workflow is completed, in progress or submitted for testing. The status of the Workflow can be changed at:

PATH: Admin Console > select application > Publish > Workflow

As of July 2019 letzNav, Inc. has been rebranded to Apty, Inc. Due to this change, the product components have been renamed as follows:

  • letzNav Editor - > Apty Assist Studio, and
  • letzNav Player - > Apty Assist Client.

A Workflow can be in one of three states: Draft, Ready or Published:

  • Draft: a Workflow is created but is in currently in development and can be modified. 
  • Ready: a Workflow is ready to be tested by the QA team. 
  • Publish: a Workflow is available for the end users of the hosting application in the Player.

To change the state of the Workflow

1.   Log in to the Admin Console. 

2.   On the left-side panel select the application you want to work with. The application settings menu opens.

3.   In the Application menu navigate to Publishing > Workflows. The list of Workflows previously created in the Assist Studio opens. 


To change the status of a single Workflow, find it in the list and select the required status at the rightsection of the respective field.


  • Select ALL or specific workflows from the list. The number of Workflows will be dynamically updated at the bottom of the page as shown on the screen below.
  • At the bottom of the page select the new status of the selected Workflows. Changes are going to be automatically applied.

For more details refer to: Publishing Process: Overview, Publishing States.

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