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The Frame page is the unique part of the page on which 'hosts' Validations / Launchers / Tooltips / Announcements. The Frame must be given a valid name and it must be uniquely identified using unique identification of the frame.  This is where Anchor points come into play.

If the Frame is not already present a message will pop-up on the screen (as shown on the screen below) to prompt a user to create a new one.

 1.  Click Dismiss to close the warning message. The Frames list opens. At the bottom of the list click on Create New Frame.

2.  The Frame must be given a unique name.

3. There are 3 different options which can be used to identify the screen uniquely. Click on the 3 vertical dots available to the right of the frame screen to view the advance identification options.
  • Anchor points:  Anchors are like bookmarks for application pages. Anchors allow to start the workflow anywhere within application.

To create an anchor point, click the anchor icon. The control is now passed to the application page in the browser. Find a spot that will server as an anchor (for example, text field, button, etc.). Multiple anchor points may be added for a more reliable page identification.

  • Custom Script: page can be identified using custom script. It can be used to start the workflow from any page.
  • URI Hash: Page can be identified using URI Regex.

4. Click Save to start using new Frame. Save button becomes active only after entering a valid Frame name and selecting Anchors.

After the Frame is created, system preserves it in the Draft status, unless stated otherwise.

To change the Frame status to Ready or Publish:

Go to the Admin Console > on the left side panel select an application you've worked at in the Assist Studio > in the application menu go to Publish > Frame

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