What is Publishing?

Publishing makes the items built with the Apty Studio (authoring tool) available in the Client of the development and production environment.

Publishing state defines the content accessibility settings and results in the following use cases:

  • Testing your instructional content on the development / test environment.
  • Publishing content for end users to use in production environment.
  • Organizing your content the way it is displayed at the hosting application.

The Publish menu can be accessed at:

Admin Console > on the left-side panel select application > Publish > Workflows / Frames.

Publishing is an important aspect when it comes to testing your implementation on a development / test environment or releasing it for end users in the production environment.

Use the Publish menu to define whether the Workflow or Frame content (Validations, Tooltips, Announcements, etc.) are to be available on the development environment when in the Ready state or published in the production environment when in the Publish state. 

Any content developed with the Apty Studio can be in one of following publishing states:

  • Draft: This state specifies that the content is in the development state and is not ready for testing or being available for end users.
  • ReadyThis state defines that the instructional content is ready for testing in the development or test environment. In this state the content can be seen in the Apty Client only in the development environment but is not available in the production environment.
  • Publish: This state specifies that the content has been tested and is ready to be available for the hosting application end users. The content in this state will be visible in the Client to the production environment.

NOTE: URLs to pre-production (development / testing) environment are defined at Admin Console > on the left-side panel select application > Manage Current Application (Gear Icon) > General Settings (see the screen below):

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