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Knowledge Center is the repository where links to the documents, videos and images are stored. These items can be accessed by the users using the Apty Assist Client as a part of Onboarding Collection or as an element started by a Launcher.

To add new Knowledge Content:

1.   Log into the Admin Console.

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Manage > Knowledge Center. The list of materials added to the Knowledge Center via Launchers or through Admin Console opens.

4.  At the top right corner of the screen click Add New. The Add New Knowledge Content screen opens.

5.   Provide the details for the type and source of the content you are attempting to add to the Knowledge Center:


Check this box if this material should be available when creating a Launcher.

NOTE: If the Knowledge Content is marked as "Active", it cannot be deleted.


Provide a short descriptive name for the piece of content you are adding to the Knowledge Center. Make sure the name serves to easily identify what this piece of content is about.


Add description of the content to be added.

Content Type
From the drop-down list select which type of content you are adding. The available options are: Video, URL, Image.
URL Link
Add the source URL of the knowledge content.

6.   At the bottom of the Add Knowledge Content screen click Add. The list of the Knowledge Center is going to be updated with new entry.

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