Apty Assist comes with a Scheduler which can be used for defining how often you want the Analytics to be updated and loaded to the Apty Dashboard, as well as how often the collected data shall be exported to the server through the FTP connection. Hence, Apty Assist does not depend on external schedulers or settings of an external cron and you can use Apty Scheduler for:

  • Loading Analytics into the Dashboard, and
  • Exporting Analytics Data into your local server.

To access a Scheduler:

1.  Log into the Admin Console.

2.  At the the bottom of the left side panel click the   Settings icon. The System Settings page opens.

3.  In the System Settings menu select Scheduler tabA list of system jobs offered by Apty Assist opens.

4.  Select Analytics Load or Export Analytics and define their Frequency. Determined Frequency defines the number of  times the Analytics load  or Export job must run over a period of time. The available changes are:

  • Don't Execute,
  • Execute Once a Day,
  • Execute Twice a Day,
  • Execute three times a Day, and 
  • Execute four times a Day.

5.   Once the Frequency is defined, click Update to apply the changes made.

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