Personalized Training

With the help of a Customer Success Manager, you will receive dedicated Training inclusive of a series of sessions focused on letzNav's essential components. Your team will undergo education and become certified on the letzNav Editor which will allow them to be self sufficient in creating, maintaining as well as administering letzNav content with confidence.

Listed below is an overview of the training sessions offered. The Customer Success Manager will follow your progression during training and provide re-caps when required. The goal is for you to walk away knowing you have all the tools you need to reap all of the benefits letzNav offers.

  1. Develop content
  2. Review content
  3. Publish content
  4. Admin Console

Content: Workflow, Validations, Launchers, Tooltips & Announcements

Admin Console: It has all the core components of letzNav feature, which allows the Admin users to manage everything at one place

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