Delete a Validation

The Admin is the only user who has permission to delete a Validation rule (or set of rules). This user can delete the validation only if its Frame status is in a Draft mode.

To see the list of created Validations, log into the Assist Studio and select the application you want to work with. The Apty menu opens.

1.   Click on the Validations Icon. 

Make sure that the page of the hosting application with the elements to which Validations belong is opened side by side with the Assist Studio. In the given example we attempt to delete a Validation that belongs to the fields of the registration page; therefore, we let Apty connect to the Frame of that page. Once Apty successfully detects the Frame, it opens the list of Validations that are defined for it.

For more details refer to: What is a Frame?

2.   Click the name of a Validation rule you want to delete. In the given example, we attempt to delete a Validation Rule for the Name field; hence, we select a Validation with the same name. 

NOTE: When creating a new Validation, the system automatically populates it with the same name as in the label of the element it is assigned to, unless stated otherwise.

3.   The Validation settings screen opens. At the top right corner of the screen click the  icon (three vertical dots) to access the Delete option. Click Delete to proceed.

4.   Confirm your action in the Warning Massage modal by clicking Delete.

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