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All the Apty Assist instructional elements (Validations, Tooltips, Launchers, Announcements, etc.) work as an overlay to some elements of the hosting application. For example, Validations represent the set of rules that are applied to a specific input field and are used to make sure that end users provide clean and accurate data when submitting information to it. To make sure that Validations and other instructional elements are applied to correct fields, they are assigned to Frames. Frames rely on predefined "landmarks" or the so-called anchors of the page that they belong to (a combination of fields, buttons, headings or other elements that help the system ensure that Frame embeds instructional elements into the correct page of the hosting application).

This article focuses on viewing the list of Validations created for a certain hosting application and covers the following instructions:

  • how to access Validations list, 
  • check the publishing state of the Frames created for this application to check what instructional elements are available for the end user.

To view Validations list:

1.   Log into Admin Console.

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Manage > Validations. The grid of the Workflows created for this application opens.

4.  All the Frames created for this application are displayed with the number of Validations created for each of them on the Manage Validations page. The Search bar can be used to search for a specific Frame by its name or tags.

To check the publishing status of a Frame with a Validation:

The Status of a Frame with a validation can be identified by the color of the dots visible to the left of the Frame name. A Workflow can be in one of three states: Draft, Ready or Published :

  • Draft: is represented with yellow color. A Frame with its instructional elements is created but is currently in development, can be modified and is not available in the Assist Client neither for testing, nor for end users. 
  • Ready: is represented with yellow color. The instructional elements attached to the given Frame are  ready to be tested by the QA team in the Pre-production environment. 
  • Published: is represented with yellow color. All the instructional elements attached to the given Frame are available for the end users of the hosting application in the Apty Assist Client.

For more details on how to access a Frame in the Admin Console and change its status,  refer to this article.

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