What is a Tooltip?

Tooltips provide contextual information on the application to assist and inform the end users.These information icons can give you tips/suggestions or more information about anything on the page. Tooltips can provide additional information for confusing elements on the site. User will need to hover over the Tooltip icon to see the "tip".

Tooltips, when applied on a page, will appear as  (i) icons.

The Validation icons are similar to Tooltips visually, but validations can be considered to be advanced Tooltips. While tooltips only provide information to the user, Validations evaluate the content based on conditions.

Features of Tooltips:

Images: Images can be added to the Tooltips and will be displayed as shown below.

Links: A Link can be placed inside the Tooltip,  which will navigate the user to linked page.

NOTE: Read more about how to create Tooltip

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