Best Practices for Element Selection

The following article explains the best practices for element selection, dealing with dynamic components, and traversing between multiple layers of elements.


Best practices for Element Selection

Element Selection is an integral part of building a workflow as well as anchor selection, with the latest web applications it's not always what you see is what you get. Modern web applications have multiple layers,  hidden components, and frames within frames which appear based on the data which is being displayed on the screen. This makes it very important to pick the right element to attach a balloon or an anchor point to. By following few simple rules one can avoid breakage in the workflows, optimize their element selection and build strong workflows which will work smoothly for their end-users.

  • Avoid Selecting elements unique to a user or a set of users.
  • Avoid selecting elements that are changing constantly based on the data on the screen.
  • Avoid selecting elements that appear only when they are needed or requested for.
  • Try to select elements that are static and generic to the user base to whom the workflow is targeted for.

Traversing Between Parent and Child elements

Use 'Expand Selection' and 'Narrow Selection' when the element cannot be parsed with the mouse pointer. Make sure the element that is to be selected to point a balloon is not hidden behind any other element.

Element Selection for Dynamic Components

In List pages where the filter of data is needed, point to the filter section and provide the instruction per below.

NOTE: This applies to CA PPM.

An alternate approach for element selection for Dynamic components

As an alternative to the above or while picking out element from Dynamic components or lists which are generated on the fly. Pick out the parent element rather than a specific child element.This can be easily done by picking the child element and expanding the selection.

The chances of the above balloon pointing to the correct column is highly unlikely as the layout may differ from user to user. Instead, it would be a good practice to select the entire header and position to the center for a consistent balloon positioning.

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