How to Update Client URL License in the Back End


  • Client ID number
  • Client URL license (given by the product team).
  • Heroku credentials.
  • PG Admin.

To update the client URL license:

1.   Log into Heroku dashboard.

2.   Select the client application. (The application is named after client ID number) 

3.   Go to the Resources tab.

4.   Select the "Heroku Postgres:: Database".

5.   Go to the Settings Tab.

6.   Click View credentials.

7.   Copy the credentials.

8.   Open PG Admin.

9.   Connect to the Database using the credentials obtained above.

10.   Open the Database.

11.   Open the Apty schema.

12.   View data from the Applications Table.

13.   Update the Fields in the Application Table using the License provided by Product Team.

  • Application Name with Application Name
  • URI with ApplicationURI
  • License with the entire License

14.   Commit the Changes to the database.

15.   Launch the Apty Client admin page and confirm that it is working as expected.

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