Create PPM Project

Login to the Apty PPM Application by following the URL provided to you by the customer success team.

To Navigate to Projects:

Go to Home > Portfolio Management > Projects.

To Create a Project:

1.   Click the New from Template button to create a project.

2.   Select one of the templates stated below from the list and click the Next button:

Implementation Project Template

A project is created for a customer for the first time that is the customer has subscribed for the first time then the project is implementation type so implementation project template has to be used.

Professional Services Project Template

A customer is an existing customer and has requested for additional workflows.

Evaluation Project Template

For proof of concept request from customer use this template.

Product Development Template

It is used to execute/plan/track product development activities.

3.   Fill in the information in fields showcased in the below screen and click on save.


  • The red icon before the field shows that the field is mandatory. The mandatory fields can’t be null.
  • Project stage drop down values are dependent on project type.


Only users with appropriate access rights are able to create/edit a project. Access rights are managed using User Groups.

Below are the groups which have create/edit rights. Users need to be part of one of below groups in order to create/edit projects.

  • Apty – Project Administration group, and
  • Apty - PPM Admin

The users in the groups listed below have permissions to view the projects.

  • Apty - Basic User Access
  • Apty - Fresh Sales Admin
  • Apty - Project Administration
  • Apty  - Product Release
  • Apty - Accounting Team
  • Apty - Management Team
  • Apty - PPM Admin

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