How to Deploy Extensions in Chrome Store

The Prerequisites for Deploying extensions for the Chrome store:

  • Provisioned Environment
  • Credentials for chrome store

To deploy the extensions from the Chrome Store:

1.   Log into the provisioning environment.

2.   At the bottom of the left side Apty Asisst panel go to System Settings > Downloads tab. Download the Assist Studio and Client by clicking the respective buttons.

3.   Change the extensions of the downloaded files by renaming them form aptyassist_player.crx, aptyassist_editor.crx to,

4.   Find manifest files in both packages and perform the following changes:

  • Add unique client ID to the name
  • Add short Description.(for example, "The Assist Studio  widget lets the Admin user to create Apty content" for Assist Studio, "The Assist Client lets the users access the Apty content" for Assist Client).
  • Check the version number
  • Remove "<all_urls>" from permissions section and place the Admin URL of the provisioned environment (for example,*).
  • Remove Update URL

5.   Re-zip the extensions.

6.   Log into the Chrome store.

7.   Repeat the next steps for both Player and Editor

  • Click on "Add New Item"
  • Upload the zip file
  • Add Detailed Description from the articles of Assist Studio and Assist Client by following this link.
  • Select category as "Productivity".
  • Select language as "English (United States)"
  • Select visibility option as "unlisted"
  • Hit "Publish changes".

8.   Keep checking the status. (typically takes between15 to 20 minutes).

9.   Once Extensions are published you can share the links with the clients.

NOTE: Make sure to update the version number on any changes done to the extension to auto-updated to the system

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