How to Provision a New SaaS Apty Environment

Apty Provisioning is a simple process which can be accomplished in 2 ways:

  • Heroku CLI or
  • Heroku Dashboard front end.


  • The Client ID (unique ID for the client),
  • Apty Heroku Credentials, and
  • Hosting Application URL and its credentials

Heroku Dashboard:

1.   Log into Heroku

2.   Select the pipeline suitable for the client (Apty-us or Apty-eu)

3.   Click on add app

4.   Click on Create new app

  • Give the app name as the Nav number
  • Select The region as Either US or EU
  • Click on create app

5.   Click on the created app

6.   Settings tab

7.   Resources Tab

  • In the Add-ons search field.
    • Search for heroku postgres and select it, Select "hobby-basic" plan name and hit provision. 
    • Search for papertrail, Select "choklad-free" plan name and hit provision.

8.   Deploy tab

  • Make sure "GitHub" is connected in the deployment method section.
  • In the manual deploy section, type in the latest stable branch name(provided by the product team) and click on deploy branch.

9.   Forward the client URL to the product team to create license for the URL.

10.   Update the URL license in the BackEnd.

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