Objectives & Prerequisites


  • Apty Studio installed.
  • Obtain the credentials to log into the Studio.
  • Decide upon a page to apply validations.
  • Minimum JavaScript knowledge is required to implement advanced validation.


The second session of the training is dedicated to understanding the concept of Frames and learning how to created them along with proceeding how to create instructional elements of Apty (Tooltips, Launchers, Announcements). The basis of Session 1 and knowledge of how to create Workflows followed by the material in Session 2 gives solid understanding of how to use Apty as an authoring tool for creating instructional content, embedding it into the surface of the hosting application, and making them available to the end users).

1.   What is a Frame?

2.   How to create a frame?

3.   Tooltips (Help Text)

4.   Launchers (Instant actionable help)

5.   Announcements

6.   Question & Answers

7.   Practice exercises

Expected Outcomes

Content creators will be able to create help texts corresponding to fields.

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