Objectives & Prerequisites


  • Obtain the credentials to log into the Assist Studio.
  • Hosting application URL for installing Apty Assist instructional elements.


The first session of the training is mainly dedicated to learning how to create a central instructional element of Apty Assist - Workflows. Knowing how to create Workflows provides general understanding of how the system functions, how to position balloons on the surface of the hosting application, and how to make them accessible to the end users. Moreover, getting acquainted with the procedure of creating Workflows lays a strong basis for quick learning of how to create other elements (Tooltips, Launchers, Announcements, etc.) and gets users ready for the upcoming session. The general plan of a Session 1 is as follows:

1.   Creating Workflows:

  • How to select Elements?
  • Advance on Options.
  • How to select Anchors?
  • Publishing Workflows.

2.   Question & Answers

3.   Practice exercises

Expected Outcomes

Content creators will be able to create a basic guided tour to help users accomplish a process.

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