Creating Workflows

Workflows provide step-by-step guidance within hosting web applications of any scale. Workflows are a recommended solution in the following cases:

  • a user is not familiar with the process, 
  • a process that involves multiple steps that should be performed in a specific order, or
  • rarely used process.
Reference: What is a Workflow?

How to create a Workflow?

Follow the links below to get detailed guidance related to each step of Workflow creation. Before setting up a Workflow:

1.    Login to the Apty Studio

2.   Create a New Workflow. Workflows consist of multiple steps. Once you created a Workflow, start adding steps to it. Each step can be configured with the functionality defined below (which element a step is tied to, how to switch to the next step, where the ballon is positioned, etc.). Although creating a step of a Workflow is essentially a seamless process, in this article we broke it into separate logical parts that help to get a gist of each step consists of: 

PART 1: Add a Workflow Step

PART 4: Set/Change Balloon Position

4.   Update/Change Workflow Publishing Status to make it available or hide it from the end users.

5.   Play and Review Workflow to go through the steps and see whether it flows as a procedure and does not skip critical elements.

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