What is a Workflow?

Have you ever helped your friend or family member to register in a new application, complete transaction, or successfully perform any other action online? If your answer is "yes", you were probably guiding them through the process step by step and maybe explained certain tricky parts along the way. Apty Workflows do exactly the same by patiently guiding users through system settings, helping them to create new entities specific to the hosting system, and guiding them through complex daily tasks while also ensuring that no important steps are missed. Apty is there to help end users no matter the scale: instructional content can be seamlessly embedded into the enterprise applications like Salesforce through the browser extension or literally become a part of your web app by a adding several new lines to the source code of the hosting application.

Workflows simplify application navigation by providing on-screen guidance elements right at the moment when users need a helping hand to complete a specific task. Workflows act like a software GPS that takes users on a journey to complete their daily activities, which helps them to focus on their primary goals instead of stressing about technical parts. 

Few areas where Workflows can really come in handy are:

  • Immediate Product Adoption: Cut down the time it takes for users to adopt a new software product.
  • Effective User Onboarding: Users easily get adapted to the change and begin using your tool, whether it's a new customer who is exploring the system or an employee who is trying to learn a new software tool.
  • Productivity: Make sure that all team members perform the tasks in the expected way, especially when it comes to complex or rarely repeating procedures.
  • Excellent User Experience: Apty Assist provides intelligent, user friendly Workflows to improve overall user experience. An employee completing a task, or a customer navigating your site, personalized step-by-step guidance is available throughout the user's entire journey.
  • Accelerate Employee TrainingThe immediate and relevant on-screen guidance accelerate and train employees while reducing the time, effort and cost spent on training programs.
  • Measure Efficiency: Apty Admin empowers you with Analytics insights, which helps to keep track of how may users initiated Workflows, and how many of them completed or dropped it.
  • Find Bottlenecks: Using the Apty Analytics, find out on which steps end users tend to drop the flow. These insights may serve as a great starting point for improving your application's UI/UX experience or adapting procedures for easier understanding.

Apty Assist is context sensitive, so it will start the Workflow from the relevant step based on the application page from which the user initiated the Workflow. Users can exit a flow at any point of time by clicking 'X' at the top of the balloon. 

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