The Dashboard is the first View a user sees after logging into the Admin Console. It acts like a Homepage, giving users quick access to the latest updates on the number of used Workflows, Validations, Launchers, Tooltips, and Announcements and the ratio of completed / accepted / actioned items vs dropped or not accepted ones. Apty provides a general snapshot in the form of interactive dashboards, based on the information collected from the real-time user engagement data.

The Dashboards give insights into usage analytics on the Workflows, Validations, Tooltips, Launchers, and Announcements which in turn help measure the overall application engagement along with areas where help was accessed.

To access the Apty Dashboard, click on the    icon on the left side panel of Apty Admin Console. 

Filtering Dashboard Data

The analytical data collected per each category of instructional materials can be filtered according the following criteria:

  • Application,
  • specified date range.

Filter by Application

Dashboard data can be filtered by specific application connected to Apty Assist. Select the Application for which the analytical data should be displayed and click the  (Update)  button to apply the changes to the Dashboard page.

Filter by Date Range

Data can be quickly filtered by choosing one of the time interval options at the bottom of the calendar pop-up:

  • Today,
  • Yesterday,
  • Last 7 Days,
  • Last 30 Days,
  • This Month,
  • Last Month,
  • Custom range.

Select the predefined or custom date range and click the  (Update)  button to apply the changes to the analytical data related to this page.

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