Content Development and Maintenance

Is it possible to develop and edit content when not connected to a server?

Yes, as long as we have access to Admin we can develop and edit content.

Is it possible to add properties to a lesson such as a scenario, overview, and summary?

Yes, it is possible to add properties.

Can deleted content be recovered?

No. We do take regular DB backups(last 14 days) and for extended backup periods contact your CSM for additional information.

Is it possible to permanently delete content to allow for management of restricted drive space on the server?

Yes, content can be permanently deleted.

Does the tool allow for sharing and storing of common media & images?

Yes, Apty Assist provides a space for storing links external resource, such as Documents, Images and Videos to be shared with users as  a part of Launcher content. Knowledge Content is available at Admin Console > select application > Manage > Knowledge Center.

For more details refer to: Add Knowledge Content

Can the default system language file be edited?

Apty Assist supports multi-language instructional content. Once the conetnt is created, its content can be translated into multiple languages and published for end users. Apty Assist automatically determines what language has been selected for working with the hosting application and when applicable, offers the respective translated version in the Assist Client.

For more details refer to the related article:

Can the instructional content hierarchy be defined and managed in the tool before deployment to learner environment?

Yes, it can be achieved through application specific Tags. Tags are used to categorize Workflows and easily track them as a group. 

For more details refer to the related article: Managing Tags

Does the tool allow for content to be deployed to multiple locations without incurring a need for a 3rd party solution like LMS?

Yes, it allows the content to be deployed to multiple locations without the need for a 3rd party solution.

When deployed to multiple locations, can these environments be customized and branded individually using the tool?

Yes, as separate Admins we can have a distinction in what each user can see.

Can the environment be cloned to create training simulations with live objects?

Yes, the environment can be cloned. For more details request the assistance of a Customer Success team.

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