Custom Buttons

letzNav supports the creation of Custom buttons where users can associate a URL with the actions/steps of a Workflow.This Custom button will appear on the 'Workflow balloon'.

Steps to apply Workflow conditions are as follows:

  1.  Log into the letzNav Admin using your credentials. Your Admin URL will be provided by your Customer Success Manager.       
  2. Go to Manage the section of your application and click on Workflows to open the list of Workflows as shown in the screenshot below.
  3. Select your preferred Workflow.
  4. In the next screen you'll find the options which are available for the balloon. Scroll down and select Custom button (See Screenshot for reference)

Note: If you want to create a Custom button for a different step, click on step number.   

 Provide URL link and label for the Custom button.        

5.  Click on Save to commit changes.

You will see a button added to the respective balloon and the URL will launch when clicked. The balloon appears as shown in the screen shot below.

Note: Workflow must be in Draft mode to edit or update.

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