Add a Language to a Workflow (Translation / Localization)

Apty Assist supports multi-languages for the Workflows. Once a Workflow is created, its content can be translated into multiple languages and published for end users. Apty Assist automatically determines what language has been selected for working with the hosting application and when applicable, offers the respective translated version in the Assist Client.


1.    Before adding a new language to a particular Workflow, first, it should be added to the application. For more details, refer toManaging application Languages.

2.   Workflow can be edited, updated with new elements, or deleted only when it is in the Draft status. It cannot be edited or deleted when it is published. To change the status of the Workflow, refer to this article.

To add a new language to a Workflow:

1.   Log into Admin Console.

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Manage > Workflows. The grid of the Workflows created for this application opens.

4. Select the tile with the Workflow for which you are attempting to add translation and click the  icon (Plus) to add a new language to the selected Workflow.

5. The translation page opens. Select a new target language from the Choose Language drop-down list.

 NOTE: If the required language is not available in the drop down list,Add a new language to make it available.

6.    Enter the relevant translated content for the selected language to all the steps of the Workflow as shown below.

7. Once done with adding translation to all Workflow steps, click Save.

8.   Reminder: To make this Workflow and its translation available to the end users, change its status to Published.

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