Add a Spotlight

Spotlights are user input fields on the Frame that have specific rules to accept the input ( i.e., Validators can be added to that field). Select a field as the Spotlight and add rules to it.

Once Apty Assist Studio connects to the 

To access the Workflows option in the Assist Studio:

1.   Login to the the Apty Assist Studio and select the hosting application you plan to work with. The Assist Studio menu opens.

2.   Click on the Validations icon.

3.   The list of Validations previously created for this Frame opens. Create new Validation or select the one you want to proceed with.

4.   Click Select Spotlight. The control is now passed to the application page in the browser.  Click on a field in the application which you want to validate; it will be selected as your Spotlight and you can continue to add Validators to it.

5.   Once the field is selected, the Spotlight's name will automatically generate based on the field  (i.e the Spotlight selected, otherwise enter name for the Spotlight)

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