Add a Step to a New or Existing Workflow

This article describes the steps for adding new steps to a freshly created Workflow and inserting extra steps to previously created Workflow.

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Click to read about adding balloons to the hosting application:

  • Select element
  • Step heading / description
  • "Advance on" options
  • Balloon position
  • "Scroll to" and "Optional"
  • Entry points and page anchors

To add a step to a new Workflow:

An extra step can be added to a previously created Workflow any time, as well as a Workflow can be edited or deleted, providing that it is in the Draft Status.

To check the status of a Workflow:

1.   Log into Admin Console

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan yo work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Publish > Workflows. The Workflows screen opens.

4.  On the right column of the list check the status of a required Workflow.

Green dot next to the Workflow status indicate that the workflow is published. Yellow dots indicates that Workflows are in the Draft Status. In the example above all Workflows are in the Draft Status; therefore, all of them can be edited or deleted, since they are currently unavailable to end users. 

To insert a step into an existing Workflow:

To see the list of created Workflows, log into the Assist Studio and select the application you want to work with. The Apty menu opens.

1.   Click on the Workflows Icon. The list of the Workflows created for this application opens.

2.   Click the name of a Workflow you where you would like to add an extra step. In the given example, we attempt to delete a Login Workflow.

3.   The list of steps for the selected Workflow opens.

4.   To add a new Step between previously cerated Steps, hover between numbers of relevant steps and click on the + (Plus) button highlighted in blue (as shown on the screen).

5.   Proceed with configuring step's content, selecting screen elements to interact with, setting balloon position, and adding advanced options.

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