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Workflows provide step-by-step guidance within an application. They act like a GPS that takes you on a journey to complete your day-to-day activities. Workflows are a recommended solution in the following cases:

  • a user is not familiar with the process, 
  • a process that involves multiple steps that should be performed in a specific order, or
  • rarely used process.

To start creating Workflows, install the Apty Assist Studio on your computer. Click here for instructions.

Bird-eye view:

Covered in this article

Click to read about adding balloons to the hosting application:

  • Select element
  • Step heading / description
  • "Advance on" options
  • Balloon position
  • "Scroll to" and "Optional"
  • Entry points and page anchors

To create a new Workflow:

1.    Open the Apty Assist Studio application and select the hosting application you plan to work with. The Apty Assist Studio menu opens.

2.    Click on the Workflows icon. You are redirected to the list of the Workflows available for this hosting application.

3.    To start creating a new Workflow click the   (Plus) icon at the top right corner of the Assist Studio.

4.    Enter Workflow name and description in the respective fields and click Next at the bottom of the Assist Studio.

is used to uniquely identify a Workflow to start it in the Assist Client, apply to a Launcher or assign to a specific User Segment.

describe the Workflow in brief. This information will be exported to the end user manual.

add descriptive keywords that may help users to find this Workflow the Search box of the Apty Assist Client. For example, for the Workflow describing the procedure of editing customer address, you may add keywords like: "customer", "address", "zip", "home address", "state", etc. 

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