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letzNav Player is an extension with multi-browser compatibility and offers a robust platform for users to run a Workflow. When published, all the content developed in the letzNav Editor pops up in the Player and enables the end user to make use of the Workflows. Videos and documents can also be opened from the Player. 

The Extension of Player can be added in two ways.

1. Install Extension from the Admin (details to be provided by Customer Success)

2. Add Extensions Through Group Policy Management.

Steps to install Player Extension from the Admin

  • Log into Admin.
  • Click on Settings icon which is located at the bottom-left of the application.See screen shot below.
  • Click on Extensions

  • Once the Extensions tab is clicked, the Settings - Extensions page opens as follows.Click on Download.
  • Open the .crx file of letzNav Player and save the file appropriately at a location (local).
  • Convert the .crx file to zip file by renaming it.
  • Extract the file.
  • Upload the extracted file to the Browser Extensions. Click here for Instructions.

letzNav gets added to the browser and when the host application is opened, Player can be viewed at the bottom of the application.The placement of the Player on the application can be customized and is ready for use. 

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