Assist Client: Manual Installation in Google Chrome


  • Unarchiving software (for example, 7-zip / WinRAR / Unarchiver, etc.)
  • Chrome Browser

NOTE: It is recommended that instructional elements are embedded into the hosting application by connecting Apty Assist Studio with the Chrome browser, but once embedded and published, Workflows, Validations, Tooltips, etc. can be seen by the end users in the Assist Client extension available for:

As of July 2019 letzNav, Inc. has been rebranded to Apty, Inc. Due to this change, the product components have been renamed as follows:

  • letzNav Editor - > Apty Assist Studio, and
  • letzNav Player - > Apty Assist Client.

Accessing Editor and Player download page

1.   Log into the Admin Console.

2.  On the the bottom of the left side panel click Settings.

3.  In the System Settings panel select Downloads. A source page for downloading an Editor and Player extensions for various browsers opens.

Installing the Editor

On the Downloads page > Desktop Editor section find the Editor Extension for Google Chrome option.

The Apty Assist Studio functions as a separate tool that connects to the hosting web application that should be open in the Chrome browser.

  1. Select the Windows or Mac OS version depending on the operating system running on your machine.
  2. The letzNavEditor.exe file (for Windows) or file (for Mac OS) is downloaded.
  3. Double click the file to extract its content.
  4. Once the archive is unpacked, click the letzNavEditor icon to open the application as shown on the screen below.

Installing the Player Extension

On the Extensions page > Player section find the Player for Google Chrome option.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac
  1. Click Download(.crx)
  2. The player.crx file is downloaded. Convert this file to .zip format by changing its extension: rename “player.crx” to “
  3. Right-click the folder and select Extract All to extract the files from the archive.
  4. Upload the extracted file to the Browser Extensions. Click here for additional instructions.
  1. Click Download
  2. The file is downloaded.
  3. Extract the files from the archive.
  4. Upload the extracted file to the Browser Extensions. Click here for additional instructions.

After the Apty Assist Studio is added to the browser and the host application is opened, Player launcher is displayed at the bottom of the application page. 

The location of the Player launcher on the hosting application can be customized and is ready for use.


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