How to make Apty available to end users?

This article covers the overview as per the following instructions:

How to make content available?

Once Apty is integrated with the hosting application and instructional content is created and tested, it is ready to be published in production environment and become available for your end users.  Instructional content created with Apty can only be published by the admin user from the Admin Console 

For more details refer to this section of the knowledge base.

What do end users need to install?

Users can access Workflows, Launchers, get instructions from Tooltips and Validations and other elements laid over the hosting application as soon as they install the Apty Assist Client . Once the Assist Client is installed, by default, end users should be able to see the Apty widget at the bottom right corner of the application screen. 

For more details refer to this section of the knowledge base.

To search for a specific topic, or to view and launch the available Workflows, click the widget and start using the Assist Client.

To setup position and color of the widget

The same way Apty is seamlessly integrated into the functionality of the hosting application, you can also customize its look and feel to make it visually match color scheme and design of the app. The Assist Client widget is displayed to the end users based on the position, theme and color defined by the admin user in the App Settings. By default, it is displayed in the red theme at the bottom right corner of the screen.

For more details refer to this article.

As of July 2019 letzNav, Inc. has been rebranded to Apty, Inc. Due to this change, the product components have been renamed as follows:

  • letzNav Editor - > Apty Assist Studio, and
  • letzNav Player -> Apty Assist Client.

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