Apty Admin Console

As of July 2019 letzNav, Inc. has been rebranded to Apty, Inc. Due to this change, the product components have been renamed as follows:

  • letzNav Editor - > Apty Assist Studio, and
  • letzNav Player - > Apty Assist Client.

The Apty Admin is a web based tool hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) powered platform, which helps managing Workflows / Validations / Tooltips / Announcements and instructional elements, and controlling their publishing status. 

The Apty Admin Console also contains the Analytics and  Dashboard which depicts the usage of the workflows in a graphical view. 

To learn more about Dashboards and Analytics follow the links below :

The Apty Admin Console is the place where you can do the following:

  • Customize the User Interface and multi-level translations of the Apty Assist Client to organically fit the design of your hosting application.
  • Fine tune keyboard shortcuts, connections and other settings for seamless integration with apty.
  • Manage the publishing status of your Workflow and Frame content.
  • Add and remove content from the Knowledge Center.
  • Create user roles, define their scope of access and responsibilities, and use them to add and remove users who can access both your Admin Console and the Assist Studio.
  • Download your extensions. 

For detailed information on these features please refer to the  Apty Admin Console .

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