Apty Studio (Editor)

Apty Studio is a desktop native application that offers a user interface for creating / editing / deleting navigation instructions implemented as Workflows and other instructional elements, such as Announcements, Launchers, Tooltips, and Validations that are laid over the surface of a hosting app to help end users learn new procedures, or perform their daily tasks in a more effective and precise way. 

Apty Studio offers a robust mechanism for identifying the web pages and starting the Workflows from the page where the end user is located. It connects to the opened window of a web browser and implements the interaction with the hosting application for which the Workflows or other instructional elements are being created, allowing picking the elements directly in the live application, displaying live bubble preview, taking screenshots for PDF documentation, etc. The logic of the extension is split into two parts:

  • Content script that provides the interaction with the HTML of the hosting application (picking elements, highlighting hovered elements, reacting on scroll and navigation).
  • Background script that provides advanced features like taking screenshot of the target application, filtering its web requests or listening for Chrome tabs updates (for example, for knowing about open instances of the hosting application).

Creating most of the instructional content with the Apty Studio does not require any coding skills and is performed within a couple of clicks due to the intuitive user interface. The look and position of the elements added to the hosting application are previewed in the live mode.

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