What is Apty Assist?

Apty Assist is a comprehensive Enterprise User Engagement Platform aimed at improving user experience on any web based application. Apty Assist is indeed a patient 24/7 personal assistant for any end user struggling with complex settings and procedures of Enterprise applications which change their interfaces and functionality like Rubik's cube, depending on user role, permissions and other factors specific to the platform. To make sure your data is consistent, workflows are accurate, and all the latest news have reached their addressors, Apty Assist will: 

  • guide users through trickiest procedures (such as creating layered projects, adding new Users and Roles, importing / exporting data, building reports), 
  • monitor the quality of submitted data,
  • secure the areas where people tend to make more mistakes, 
  • provide tooltips and hints for following best practices, 
  • automate end user documentation, and 
  • analyze whether the provided instructional materials are helpful for end users.

Apty Assist seamlessly integrates with the hosting application and equips system administrators and end users with the following tools:

Apty guides your employees or customers by providing Workflows while using any Web Application. Whether your goal is to train new team members, boost your conversion rates or get your employees to accomplish more in less time – Apty is your answer.

Workflows are context related and are only offered within the application location they are related to.

Apty Analytics delivers the anticipated returns from applications. It provides valuable insights into usage patterns and helps identify opportunities of improvement. Through Apty Analytics, it is possible to measure usage statistics and gauge the level of user engagement with the system.

Apty Validations provide a way to test user input and ensure that the data provided by the user is clean, correct, and useful. Validation scope may be as simple as checking whether the field is empty, or provide complex checks including powerful regular expressions and custom validations.

Apty Tooltips are intelligent prompts that provide supplementary data that is required by users to fulfill their tasks. Tooltips are not limited to text as its content: you use them to insert images, reference documents and videos, etc. just when end user may need them the most.

Apty Launchers are actionable icons/buttons that provide access to a specific action within one click. The stated action can be represented as one of the following:

  • launching a workflow,
  • playing a video, or
  • navigating to a defined link.

Apty Announcements lets you send out internal announcements to your user base based on their role and the section in which the user is in. Announcements are custom pop-ups designed to announce any new feature, version release or to provide information to the end users. An Announcement can be built with Custom buttons that can launch a Workflow, Video or a Document and can be displayed with respect to the following conditions: specific time frame, presents of certain elements on the page of the hosting application, label or field comparison, and other criteria that can specified in the custom script.

Apty User on-boarding allows creating a list of items or tasks that need to be completed to achieve a certain level of acquaintance with the desired area of a hosting application. The on-boardings appear in a new tab of the Assist Cleint. When the on-boarding is selected, the list of tasks that are part of the on-boarding will be shown and can be completed.

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