When to use Announcements?

Announcements are custom pop-ups designed to announce any new feature, version release or to provide information to the end users. An Announcement can be built with Custom buttons that can launch a Workflow, Video or a Document and can be displayed with respect to the following conditions: specific time frame, presents of certain elements on the page of the hosting application, label or field comparison, and other criteria that can specified in the custom script.

When to Use

Announcements are useful to inform all application users or a certain segment of users on the changes / updates, reminders. The common use cases for announcements are:
  • Inform users of upcoming features,
  • Inform users about the expected maintenance and downtime of the application,
  • Promote new Software practices, events or services,
  • Remind expiration of licenses of the application, etc.

For more details refer to: Creating Announcements