View / Edit Workflows

Admin Console is a hub that stores information about all the instructional elements created for all hosting applications connected to the given instance of Apty Assist. In the context of Workflows Management, Admin Console is used for:

To view Workflows:

1.  Log into Admin Console.

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Manage > Workflows. The grid of the Workflows created for this application opens.

4.  All the Workflows created for this application are displayed at the Manage Workflows page. The Search bar can be used to search for a specific Workflow by its name or tags.

To check the publishing status of a Workflow:

The Status of a Workflow can be identified by the color of the dots visible to the left of the Workflow name. A Workflow can be in one of three states: DraftReady or Published:

  • Draft: is represented with yellow color. A Workflow is created but is currently in development, can be modified and is not available in the Assist Client neither for testing, nor for end users. 
  • Ready: is represented with yellow color. A Workflow is ready to be tested by the QA team in the Pre-production environment. 
  • Published: is represented with yellow color. A Workflow is available for the end users of the hosting application in the Apty Assist Client.


Workflow can be edited, updated with new elements, or deleted only when it is in the Draft status. It cannot be edited or deleted when it is published. 


To change the status of a Workflow: 

1.  In the application menu go to Publish > Workflows

2.  From a Workflows grid select a Workflow to be updated.

3.  Change the status by clicking the respective option in the Status panel.

For more detailed steps on how to publish / unpublish a Workflow, refer to this article.

To view / edit  Workflow:

To preview / edit Workflow steps:

1.   In the application menu go to Manage > Workflows.

2.   Among the available options find the tile with the Workflow you wish to review and click its name.

3.   To change Workflow title or description: At the further right side of the title row click the elipsis icon (three vertical dots) and from the opened menu select Settings. Please note that the Status of the application is marked with a yellow color, which means it is a Draft. You are free to make necessary changes in the opened window.

4.   To change Workflow stepsYou can click through the steps, look through instructions on each step and make updates when necessary. Do not forget to Save each step whenever changes have been made.


If you have been editing a Workflow that is supposed to be available to end users once the changes are completed, make sure to return to Publish > Workflows and change its status to Publish

To access Workflow options:

To see the options available for managing Workflows, select the Workflow and click the elipsis icon (three vertical dots).

For more details on specific options refer to the specific article: