User Interface (for Versions 3.x and prior)

Apty Assist offers seamless integration into hosting web application in terms of functionality, as well as it is highly customizable visually, so that instructional and navigational elements look and feel as they are a natural part of design of the hosting application.

System Administrators can customize the Player according to the application's UI and/or personal preference.

To customize User Interface elements:

1. Login to the Admin Portal.

2. On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with. The application menu opens.

3. In the Application menu go to Customization > User Interface. The screen for customizing the look of the Apty Assist Client (Player) and other UI elements opens.

4. Global Options:

  • Accent Color

You can adjust Apty to the color scheme of your hosting application. Select the dominant color of Apty Assit Client elements from the palette or define the Hex code.

  • Layout theme

Three theme options are offered for Apty Assist:

    • Light,
    • Dark, and
    • Inverted.

Custom typography: The font can be defined for a given application globally at Admin Portal > on the left side bar select application > Customization > User Interface. In the Typography field select a default content font for this application.

Custom CSS: Apty style is now highly adjustable to the UI of the hosting application. Apty Admin offers a window to sophisticated settings of the content look and feel through custom CSS. That said, Apty content can be modified to look like a natural part of the hosting application using the following properties properties:

  • border radius (independent for each corner)
  • background color
  • accent color
  • links color
  • header typography
  • header color
  • body typography
  • body color
  • buttons border radius
  • dialog margin
  • dialog padding

5. Player Customization

  • Banner Icon

Define which icon should be displayed when the Apty Assist Client is collapsed and only banner is displayed. Options and changes made can be seen live in the Preview section.

  • Player Position

Select among the following options of displaying Apty Assist Client within the browser window of the hosting application.

    • Right Top
    • Right Middle
    • Right Bottom
    • Bottom Right
    • Bottom Middle
    • Bottom Left
    • Left Top
    • Left Middle
    • Left Bottom

6. Toolset Options

  • Layout size

Size defines the size of the balloon as well as text size.You can select the size as: Regular, Large.

  • Launcher icon

Define which icon should be displayed when the Launcher is attached to the UI element of the hosting application. The available options are: Help, Information, Warning, Asterisk. Options and changes made can be seen live in the Preview section.

7. Once done, do not forget to apply changes by clicking Save at the bottom right corner of the screen.