Unique User Identification (Version 3.x and prior)

To present new features and announcements to users, we need to identify them uniquely and categorize them by segmenting the pool of all users to specific User Groups. To achieve this, Apty offers a feature that helps identifying users based on different strategies. The user identification is performed every time a user visits the application page and for every HTML change happening on the background.  

Different options for user identification are present in the Manage Current Application page of the Apty Admin portal.

PATH: Admin portal > on the left side panel select application > at the top of the application menu click the Gear   icon > User Identification


At the Manage Current Application > User Identification find the following strategies in the Identify users by drop-down list:

Apty ID

This option generates a unique ID that will differ for every instance of the Apty Client.
Cookie This option takes a cookie name when the Application gets loaded. This cookie can be used to identify the user.


The JavaScript option takes a script that will return a valid user ID string that has to be checked.


This option takes a Windows variable, which will be checked when the user loads the site along with the Apty Client.
NOTE: The window variable should belong to the topmost window.


Configuring this feature requires the knowledge of basic functioning of Documents, Window object and working of browser memory.

The identification of users based on their user ID helps to present Onboarding procedures and Announcements to users when the Apty Client  is loaded on the hosting application.