Third Party Analytics

PATH: Admin Console > Select application > at the top of the application menu click the Gear icon >Third Party Analytics

Apty allows sending data to the third party applications.

1.   In the Apty Admin select an application you are working with and at the top of the application menu click the Gear icon.

2.   Open the Third Party Analytics tab.

3.   At the top of the screen check the Enable box to activate connection to the third party web application.

4.   Define the request type:

  • GET - A common HTTP method for requesting data from a specific resource. This is the only request type that may require encoding data. If the GET method is selected, an ability to encode data becomes available below.
  • POST - Is used to send data to a server to create/update a resource.
  • PUT - Creates a new resource or replaces a representation of the target resource with the request payload.
  • DELETE - Is used to delete a resource from the server

5.   Define the URL connecting to the third party application.

6.   Define the event key. Event Key should match the event parameter of the third party application. In the given example Mixpanel has been selected as the third party application and its request consists of the "event" and "properties" key values.

7.   Select all or specific events to be passed to the third party application defined in step 5