Play a Workflow across Multiple Webpages on your Application

Consider a scenario where you want to start a Workflow on one Salesforce domain/url-origin, such as, then continue playing it in another, In this technique, the Workflow that starts on one URL origin can continue playing in another if cross url origins are configured for the same application in your Admin Portal.


Ensure to enable the Regex Feature flag to use the Cross Domain Workflow functionality.

To configure URLs for cross domain Workflow on your application:

1.  Login to the Admin Portal.

2.  Select your Application from the left panel.

3.  Click the gear icon to start managing your Application settings.

4.  In the Manage Current Application page, click Environments Setup.

5.  Enter the URLs by combining them in Regex in the required environment of your application.


You can configure unlimited number of URLs across multiple environments as long as they are specified in Regex.

6.  Click Save and then you have successfully configured the required Environment to play the same Workflow across multiple urls of your application.