Permalink Statistics

Permalinks are a direct link to your application that automatically starts a Workflow / Announcement/ Knowledge content when clicked. Permalink is a unique identification string that needs to be added at the end of the URL of the page on which the permalink content is to be presented.

PATH: Admin Console > Select application on the left sidebar > Apty Usage > Permalinks

Filtering Statistical Data

For more details on filtering statistical data, refer to this article.

Trend Card

Each trend card provides quantitative measurements for User Engagement with the trend of incrementdecrement, or staying on the same level in comparison with the previous time interval selected in the date range filter at the top right corner of the screen:


Displays the number of unique users who used permalinks and the tooltip provided shows the comparison of increment/decrement percentage of users based on a selected time range.

Displays the number of permalinks activated and the tooltip provided shows the comparison of increment/decrement percentage of permalink activations based on a selected time range.

Permalinks Usage Graph

The permalink usage graph tracks the trends in the usage of permalinks based on selected filtering.

The display of the permalinks usage graph can be configured according to the time format of the horizontal X-axis by selecting whether the graph line should show details for Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.

Permalinks Overview

Permalinks Overview is the list of top triggered permalinks for this application. The list includes:

  • Permalink Name: Name of the permalink of respective toolset.
  • Permalink Type: Workflows, Announcements, or Knowledge content.
  • Activations display the number of times end users used permalinks.
  • Last Updated Date displays the date on which that particular permalink is last updated.