Manage Tags

Tags are used to categorize flows and easily track them as a group. Tags are application specific. Since tags are user-defined, the standard out of box tags are limited. You can choose any word that helps to identify the group/category in the application.

Manage Tags can perform the following actions:

        A) Creation of Tag

        B) Edit Tag Information

        C) Delete Tag Information

        D) Reorder of Tags

Step by Step Instructions

A) To Create Tags

  •  Log into the Admin   
  • Go to Manage Tabs and click on Tags as shown in the screenshot below.  
  • Enter the Tag name and click on Create as mentioned in the screenshot below.    
  • Click on Confirm to commit the changes.

Apty also enables users to modify the Tags which are already created.

B) To Edit Tag Information:

  • Click on the Pen Icon as shown below to edit Tag name.
  • Rename the Tag name and Click on Confirm to commit changes.

 C) Deletion of Tag

  •  Click on Delete icon as shown below to delete a Tag.
  •  Click on Confirm to commit changes.

 D) Reorder of tags

  • Hold on Move Tag icon and Drag it to your preferred position.  
  • Click on Confirm to commit changes.