List of Errors in Importing workflows

When importing workflows, it's essential to be aware of potential errors that may occur. Users should address these errors prior to initiating the import process to ensure a smooth workflow integration.

  1. Workflow ID format is wrong
  2. Language code format is wrong
  3. Workflow Name format is wrong
  4. Step ID format is wrong for rows 
  5. Language is not available in the application
  6. Workflow does not exist
  7. Workflow name has changed
  8. Feedback message is missing
  9. Feedback message has changed
  10. Success message is missing
  11. Success message has changed
  12. Missing steps 
  13. Steps Changed in rows 
  14. Steps Deleted in rows 
  15. Name translation is missing
  16. Feedback message translation is missing
  17. Success message translation is missing
  18. Steps translations are missing in rows
  19. Remove files with errors to continue
  20. Maximum 10 files or 1.5MB size in total are allowed to import
  21. Only .xlsx files are allowed