Launchers Statistics

Launchers enable Admins to create in-place actionable icons through which the users can start a Workflow, launch a link to show a video, image, or document. Launchers are rendered when the Frame is identified from the application page.

Launcher statistics dashboard provides the stats of the number of times the Launchers are used, as well as stats for the commonly used Launchers. 

The following article provides details on each section of the Launcher Analytics page.

PATH: Admin Console > Select application on the left sidebar> Apty Usage > Launchers

Filtering Statistical Data

For more details on filtering statistical data, refer to this article.

Trend Card

Each trend card provides quantitative measurements for User Engagement with the trend of incrementdecrement, or staying on the same level for the time interval selected in the Date Range filter at the top right corner of the screen:


Displays the number of unique users who used launchers and the tooltip provided shows the comparison of increment/decrement percentage of users based on a selected time range.

Displays the number of Launchers displayed and the tooltip provided shows the comparison of increment/decrement percentage of displayed launchers based on a selected time range.
Displays number of Launchers activated/read and the tooltip provided shows the comparison of increment/decrement percentage of activated launchers based on a selected time range.
Displays number of launchers launched and comparison of first and last dates to show increment/decrement percentage of launched count displayed on the top right corner of the widget.

Launchers Usage Graph

The Launcher usage graph will appear once the User engages with Launchers from the Player. Launchers should be displayed to the users, and those Launchers should be activated or/and launched by the users. 

The statistics from the Launchers Usage graph are reported based on the selected filtering. The display of the Launchers Usage graph can be configured according to the following settings: 

1.   By choosing the type of data to be displayed:

  • Displayedtracks the number of displayed Launchers over a course of time. 
  •  Launched: tracks the number of displayed and used Launchers over a course of time.

2.   Configure the time format of the horizontal X-axis by selecting whether the graph line should show details for Days, Weeks, or Months.

3.   Graph Legend. If more than one User Segments have been included in filtering options at the top right corner of the screen, the graph displays several lines each having a dedicated color specified at the bottom of the graph in the legend area. To hide a line from the graph, click its name on the Legend. If the line name in the Legend area is dimmed out, it is hidden from the graph.

Launchers Overview

Launchers Overview is the list of top triggered Launchers for this application. The list includes:

  • Frame which serves as a container for a specified Launcher.
  • Launch Rate based on the ratio of displayed and used Launchers.
  • Displayed is the number of times the Launcher was displayed.
  • Last Updated Date displays the date in which that particular Launcher is last updated.